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Thanks for stopping by and wanting to meet the fabulous woman of “womentellall.” these are women who have something to share that is entirely theirs.. stories, lives, experiences, truths, hearts. At “womentellall” we believe in listening with our hearts, and so we challenge and encourage each other to do just that.. write from our hearts to yours..


Sunday School for the Rebel Pebbles

Karishma Brownlee

Hello, and welcome to “womentellall.” My name is KK and I’m a: dreamer, romantic, idealist, feminist, lover, WOMAN. I believe in healing every heart and saving every child. I am East Indian and obnoxious. I love Love. Passion. Compassion. Music. Food. Books. Words. Movement. My Family. I live in Chicagoland. I’m a Coordinator for Access, Equity, and Student Rights at a community college. I want to change the world. One student at a time. Strengths Finder says my Strengths are: Adaptability, Connectedness, Empathy, Positivity, Beliefs (Circle of life song, anybody?) My ultimate weakness? A Dubai Kit Kat Bar.


Outside the Door

Neha B.

I am a woman. I’m a poet, I’m a friend, I’m a sister, and I love flowers and chocolates and shoes and perfumes. And I am moved by many desires. The desire to ease a woman’s suffering, the desire to educate our children, the desire to write poetry, the desire to connect humanity, the desire to travel, the desire to grow and find success and find home and the desire to love and be loved. I am all shades of a human being. Hi, my name is Neha.


The Everyday Fabulous Woman

Cindy Shadrick

Hello, my name is Cindy, and I am a singer (All together now: “Hi Cindy”). I own my own business as a private voice instructor to hundreds of students all over the world. As the wife of a musician, mother of two adorable children, and motivator/inspirer/teacher of singers, I am always pursuing the goal of becoming SuperWoman. If I’m not singing or cleaning up after the many loves of my life, you can find me hiding in my shoe closet with a bottle of red wine and a box of chocolates.


Getting Over the Hump

Sara Meska-Flatten

Hello all! My name is Sara. I support my writing/music making addiction by working as an IT technician. I love exclamation marks! And smiley faces 🙂 I am blessed to have been raised by an incredibly strong woman. I of course, used the strong will my momma gave me to wrangle my supportive, talented husband into my musical exploits. I have worked for years to be ahead of the game early in my life and am now focusing on making up for all the times I had not allowed myself to let loose and mohawk my hair.


She Who Dreams of SuperHeros

Namrata Kamath
Hello! I’m Namrata. I believe in God, family, good friends, cupcakes, John Mayer, a good song – like a really good song, Neal Gaiman’s talking voice, jokes that really make you laugh and shoe therapy. I believe that a hot cup of tea can solve more or less anything and that Spider-man really does exist – we just haven’t seen him yet. I also believe that if you want to love someone or something, you love them or it madly (go big or go home). And thanks to believing in loving madly, I have often been referred to as obsessive – I however, like to think of myself as passionate. I think telling a good story is the most important thing in this world and I hope I can tell a good story. And I also hope you are going to like them.


Nothing So Mundane

Kirsten Johanson
Greetings, I’m Kirsten. No nickname, but feel free to try. I recently completed a degree in Sociology, with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. My favorite season is winter, which tends to work out well, living in Montana and all. I have two cats that prefer my roommate’s company to mine. I will take cake over pie or ice cream any day. I am a geek of rather epic proportions and love sci-fi, action, kid’s movies, brit-coms, anime, books and webcomics. I like classic rock and metal, roller-coasters, cold spaghetti, and playing devil’s advocate. My hair has been known to suddenly, if temporarily, become pink and my nails, when I bother to do them, are each a different color. I can be extremely socially awkward. I’m not setting out to do anything big, I just want to be the best me I can be, but if I have to change the world to do so then I’m damn well going to give it a go.


Touching the Sky

Courtney B.

Hello! My name is Courtney. I’m a graphic/web designer. I believe what we put out in the world will change the world for our future generations– so what I do, how I spend my money, and who I support are not choices to make without thought. I love drawing and painting and spending time with Haley, my beautiful Bouvier des Flandres, George and Felix, my two amazingly funny American short hairs, and Tim, my wonderfully loving and supportive partner in life. I drink copious amounts of coffee and tea and never go a day without a sweet, nor do I apologize for it! If you ask my opinion, I’ll give it to you with love and honesty. I like to smile more than frown. I like to laugh more than cry. And I can’t stand whiners!

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